Numilk Home Machine


Step right up to fresh with the most convenient plant-based milk maker. Simply pop a Numilk pouch into the Numilk Home Machine to enjoy delicious and nutritious ready-to-drink milks and lattes. It's simple, sustainable and you can save even more when you subscribe to our lineup of flavorful pouches.

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Introducing the easiest, most convenient plant-based milk maker on the planet. The Numilk Home Machine transforms real ingredients into ready-made milks and lattes – all at the press of a button. Simply pop a Numilk pouch into the machine and ta-da – you've made 32 ounces of plant-based milk that's good for your taste buds, your health, and our planet.

This machine Makes Magic.

Fresh plant-based milk, made fast and easy

Ready in about 60 seconds

Making 32 ounces of fresh milk has never been faster.

Perfect Texture Mixing™

Smooth and creamy with no foam.

Easy to Use

Insert pouch, press, and ta-da.


Ditch the cartons for a reusable bottle and recyclable pouches.

No Mess

Dishwasher safe bottle and no strainer or sharp blades to clean.

Numilk Pouches

All the Fresh. Made Fast.

No Gums. No Fillers. No Preservatives.

Fresh Taste. Less Waste.

Sustainability from start to finish

8X Less Packaging Weight

Recyclable Numilk pouches deliver real ingredients without all the waste.

90%+ less Shipping Weight

By never shipping water, we significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with distribution emissions.

160 Less Cartons in Landfills

Numilk reduces waste by up to 160 cartons annually for an average household.